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10 Proactive Career Tips If The Greek Default Contagion Spreads

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Heaven forbid the Greek Debt situation causes another Global Financial Crisis.

But if a contagion does spread, it may be a catalyst for yet another round of retrenchments and redundancies.

To pre-empt any career damage to you, what might you do as a employee?

According to the USA Department of Labor, the average person will switch careers (not just jobs but entire careers) 14 times in their work life and 15 – 20 times according to Forbes.

Here are 10 tips you can put in place right now that will set you up in case your job may be in peril:

1. Network with people you have not seen for a while

Social networkSchedule a coffee, a drink or lunch with someone you have not seen for at least two years. This could be in your profession or industry or outside of it. The important thing is to reignite old connections. This creates new thinking and new opportunities.
“Rinse and repeat”.

2. Network within your own industry or profession

Schedule a coffee, a drink or lunch with one person in your industry or profession. Have at least 3 ideas that you would like to run past that person. Ask for their feedback. Listen and learn. Create perceived value with your connections.
“Rinse and repeat”.

3. Network with people you used to work with previously

Via LinkedIn or email, re-connect with people who used to work with. Find out who they are and what they are doing. Think of ideas that could help make them more successful. Create perceived value.
“Rinse and repeat”.

4. Pitch ideas that create value

Depositphotos_40387793_l-2015Make a list of 20 employers you might like to work for or people you may like to work with. Then make a list of at least 8 ideas you believe could improve their business or accelerate that person’s career.

Pitch your ideas to that person or someone in that company, the CEO, the CFO, the CMO. This takes courage and is outside most people’s comfort zones, but it’s a real differentiator.
“Rinse and repeat”.

5. Use your strength but go into a different profession or industry

Think of a different direction. What strengths can you build on? What interests do you have? Where can you go that creates opportunity?
“Rinse and repeat”.

6. Refresh your LinkedIn profile

Revisit everything that you have done in your last role and put this in your The Experience section of your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that you concentrate on the value you created for your employer. Get someone to take an up-to-date profile picture of you and then load it. Ask for at least 3 recommendations for each of the last 2 roles you have held and certainly for the last 10 years.
“Rinse and repeat”.

7. Update your Résumé

Update your résumé just as you did with your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you revisit everything that you have done in your last role. Make sure that you concentrate on the value you created for your employer.
“Rinse and repeat”.

Lith_Buld_in_Hand_38. Subscribe to Job Sites

Subscribe to Glassdoor, Indeed, and other job sites. Get alerts from these sites that arrive frequently enough in your inbox. Apply for the jobs you think are worthwhile for job interview practice and for real.
“Rinse and repeat”.

9. Set up Google Alerts

Google can send you alerts on anything that hits the internet – news, blogs, and so on. Set up Google alerts that cover your main areas of interest. Get them delivered into your email inbox as often as you want.
“Rinse and repeat”.

10. Up skill

udemyDecide to upgrade your technical skills or learn a new one. Pick one you wish you had and visit Udemy, Coursera, Academic Earth, Lynda. Make sure that whatever skill is needed in your chosen profession and you don’t have, but wish you did, becomes a skill you can declare on LinkedIn and in your résumé.
“Rinse and repeat”.

Do any of these career tips and they will likely give you significant advantage – and with consistent effort – will pre-empt you being caught up in any job downturn.

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About the author:

Greg Weiss is the Founder of The First Few Seconds and CareerSupport365. He has almost 30 years success in HR and in career coaching people.  The First Few Seconds job readiness modules can be found here.

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