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5 Job Sites to Look Out For.

 5 Job Sites to Look Out For | The First Few Seconds

Coming to a country near you.

While just everyone has visited a job board, I often get questions about some of the newcomers.

Apply Direct

As the slogan says, Direct Employer Jobs Only – No Recruitment Agencies.

Apply Direct

Apply Direct’s goal is to simplify the connection between the job seeker and the employer. The site is an answer to the frustration that job seekers and employers have of dealing with the middle man, namely recruitment agencies.

The site overtly claims that job seekers have:

  • Less frustration by achieving job search results that actually match the search criteria (they assert, they use highly skilled HR and Recruitment experts to catalogue all jobs prior to entry on the site);
  • The Relief of not having to deal with any Recruitment Agents – job seekers won’t find any Agency jobs on their site.

Apply Direct is based in Australia and features a critical number of jobs now to be considered seriously. To subscribe and to receive alerts from Apply Direct, go here.

Find your dream employer

JobAdvisor Review

It’s no coincidence that this site is somewhat modelled after the well-known travel site, TripAdvisor.

Employers are rated by employees/candidates in much the same way travellers rank their hotel experiences. JobAdvisor gives job seekers the opportunity to explore employers who are ranked across six criteria yielding a score out of 5.

Employers are encouraged to build their own JobAdvisor presence by building trust with candidates by being open, honest, and transparent.

Job seekers can find jobs based on location, employee size, job type, and industry.

For employers on JobAdvisor, go here.

For job seekers to receive alerts on JobAdvisor, go here.


One search. All jobs.

Indeed. One search. All jobs.

Indeed claims to be the world’s number one job site. They claim they feature over 16 million jobs across each and every industry.

The site curates many other job sites and features those advertisements on Indeed. So rather than visiting each site, Indeed pulls them into their own.

Therefore, jobs advertised by both recruitment agencies and employers appear on Indeed.

For job seekers, Indeed has fairly familiar search functionality. Choose the location, the industry, the job function, and the job type (eg. full time, part time, contract, etc.) and let Indeed pay jobs that suit.

Job seekers can get alerts by subscribing here and letting Indeed direct them to their local site.


Get Hired. Love Your Job.

Glassdoor Review

I have written about Glassdoor on many occasions. I have signalled that sites like Glassdoor are going to become very high profile. And indeed (pun intended) Glassdoor has become just that.

Similar to JobAdvisor, employers get anonymously ranked, interview styles, and questions as well as salaries are featured with subscribers.

For job seekers, Glassdoor encourages them to post anonymously. This allows lifetime membership of the site.


Be great at what you do.

LinkedIn_Be great at what you do

Finally, there is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has game changed how job seekers find jobs. After completing (and maintaining) a LinkedIn profile, job seekers can search and apply for jobs advertised on the platform.

While members can have a free LinkedIn account, LinkedIn encourages members to upgrade. In the case of a job seeker, Premium can be trialled for 30 days, allowing the job seeker significant insights into their suitability for an advertised role.

For employers, the LinkedIn recruitment package allows access to the entire LinkedIn membership, giving them almost 100% control over the recruitment process.

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About the author:

Greg Weiss is the Founder of The First Few Seconds and CareerSupport365. He has almost 30 years success in HR and in career coaching people. The First Few Seconds job readiness modules can be found here.

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