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What Is Career Branding?

The First Few Seconds Greg_Egg | What Is Career Branding | The First Few SecondsThere are ways of being remembered.

Take your iPhone… it comes in a white premium box that everyone talks about.

What about Nespresso… the sleek look of the pods and the aroma that coffee lovers crave.

What about the Tesla… with its insane mode that everyone wants to experience.

This is all about branding.

With your career, when you are just like everyone else, it is not branding.

Instead, if you are just like everyone else, then you are a commodity.

So, what’s your quirk? Your point of difference that people note?

  • Your core achievements?
  • Your intrinsic skills?
  • Your core story?
  • Your cause?
  • Your brand of perfume?
  • Your special style of tie?

When we naturally do what we do, then we flow and our points of difference come easily.

Here’s one simple way I differentiate: I’m follicularly challenged from the ears up… I am bald. My name is Greg and for people to remember me, I’ve learned to use that rather obvious physical trait to help my own point of difference… my own brand.

Almost everyone finds it hard to remember names (frequently, Greg gets confused with Gary or Geoff). Often, when I am introduced to a new person, I say “Greg”. Then I point to my face, make a circular motion and say “Egg”.

This works time and time again. People remember my name.

So, what’s your point of difference?

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About the author:

Greg Weiss is the Founder of The First Few Seconds and CareerSupport365. He has almost 30 years success in HR and in career coaching people.  The First Few Seconds job readiness modules can be found here.


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